Session Tips

I am sure you have a zillion questions and concerns running through your head about how to prepare for and have a successful photo session. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you Rock your first Boudoir Shoot (I say first because they can become addicting)

  1. Keep an open mind, have a positive attitude, and Embrace Your unique Beauty!  This is your time to shine, it’s all about having fun, no need for nerves or self doubt.
  2. Water, exercise, and healthy eating habits are your skins best friends in the weeks leading up to your session.
  3. The day of the shoot wear loose button down clothing and avoid wearing socks, and undergarments.  This prevents marks and indentations from appearing on your skin (so in other words go “Commando”-it’s ok I wont tell).  Button downs also come in handy if you are using your own makeup artist and hairstylist, you don’t want to mess up your glam squads work.
  4. Wear a good gel deodorant and  spritz on some of your sexiest perfume.
  5. Exfoliate and lotion up those legs.  Try and avoid the self tanner, it’s streaky and doesn’t photograph well.  If you must spray tan book an appointment with a professional, and don’t go too dark.
  6. A manicure and pedicure is a must.  Dark vampy colors look great or a plain clear coat is perfect too. Try not to have clashing nail polish and outfit choices.
  7. Waxing should be done a few days before to avoid any redness.  If find your skin does get irritated a little Hydrocortisone Ointment will reduce any swelling.  If you prefer to shave do so the morning of to avoid any bumps on the skin.
  8. Bring lots of  outfit options. Cut off all the tags beforehand, we don’t want to waste any precious session time.
  9. Practice walking around in your favorite heels and outfit options a few weeks before.  The day of the shoot shouldn’t be the first time you’re wearing these pieces, you want them to feel like a second skin.
  10. Practice your model face and posing in the mirror. The Victoria Secrets catalogue is a great reference guide, steal a pose or two from the pro’s.
  11. Clear your appointment calendar for shoot day. You want to be as stress free and appointment free as possible.  We don’t want stress creeping up and showing in your photos.
  12. And finally get a good nights sleep, eat breakfast, show up on time for your session, and HAVE A BLAST!




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